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WordPress Social Media Plugins 2016

Social media is an integral part of any online marketing as well as the offline business these days. Putting time and effort in social media will definitely improve your business significantly, getting huge customer base traffic from social medias.

In this article, I will share 2 amazing social sharing plugins for WordPress which can help in social media promotion of your website. These plugins are are installed exclusively or can work simultaneously depending on how you configure them, but the results are amazingly effective.

When we talk about effective social media integration, it’s not only about placing social sharing buttons on the site but you need to look at many other aspects such as where you are placing the buttons, the quality of the plugin, make sure it is not affecting the overall loading speed of your site and so on.


Monarch Social Sharing Plugin


Monarch by ElegentThemes is another social media plugin for WordPress which is a premium in real sense and deserves your attention. It comes with over 20 social sharing networks to display on your website. Add and arrange any number of available networks as you like it.

As already mentioned above where you place the social sharing buttons can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your social media promotion. Monarch offers you a large selection of locations you can choose to place sharing buttons.

Another amazing feature of Monarch is the image sharing option, we all know that sharing images on social media site can make a huge difference to the success of your social media promotion. Generally, you need a different WordPress plugin to share media files on social networks, but Monarch can do that job for you as well.

Floating Sidebar
A floating sidebar is a very common, effective, and sleek way to add social sharing icons to any page on your website. We’ve even included unique hover styles for the vertical and browser edge orientation of a social sidebar.

Above & or Below Content
Perfect for blog posts and content heavy pages, Monarch allows you to place sharing buttons either above the content area, below the content area, or in both locations.

On Images & Videos
Media is arguably the most shared content on the web, and Monarch makes media sharing even easier. When users hover over media elements within your content, social sharing buttons fade in for quick and easy sharing

Automatic Pop-Up
Monarch lets you create automatic sharing pop-ups that can be triggered by timed delays, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, and even upon page leave. These are incredibly effective.

Similar to triggered pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab your readers’ attention when they are most engaged. These can also be triggered by time delays, page location, or when the user’s mouse is leaving the page.


Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin


Another ultra modern social media plugin for WordPress, it’s a comprehensive solution for promoting your content on social media sites. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin helps you to set your social icons exactly into the right place with just a few clicks or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

The plugin comes with 10 predefined Themes which are retina ready and built with CSS3 and the best Fonts in the world.

I am actually using this plugin right now and visible in some posts I have published here. I could not tell which one, but keep on crawling Digital Rookies site and definitely you will see articles where it is activated.

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