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Tips for Local Online Marketing

Driving people to your website is a must goal. Local Online Marketing is an essential part of achieving online success. But if you’re not marketing to the right people, your efforts will be for naught. Here are some tips to help you target your local market with your marketing efforts:

Long Tail Keywords

Use long tail keywords in your search engine optimization campaigns.  These phrases refer to local places and niche specialties in many cases and can help you target your local demographic, rather than fight with the much larger competition base trying to rank for short tail keywords(e.g shoes, cars). A good example of this is to try to rank for Black Nike Running Shoes, rather than “running shoes” or GoPro Video Editing Firm
rather than “video editing”. As your competition narrows, your target customer / prospect has more of a chance of finding the thing they seek. There is great service that can help you with this, a complete report with all the details you need. Check Long Tail Keyword Analysis Here.

Know Your Competition

Understanding who you’re up against in the world of online marketing can help you be more appealing to your target market. If you’re a coffeeshop, you can try to appeal to your local area and try to appear to your biggest competitor’s clients as well. Understanding what your competition does online will give you leverage in creating a better campaign strategy. Here is where small business owners get their spy reports from.

Lead Capture

Try to capture local leads through permission marketing techniques or via a sales pipeline with autoresponder software, like Mailchimp and Aweber. Not only can you work on turning visitors into real customers but if they’re local, this could help you with local referrals as well. Common venues to get leads are conferences, summits and expo. There are many things you can do to slowly increase your market share in your area!

Local Directories

Getting listed in local directories always provide traffic for you. It helps people browsing local directories find you and it helps search engines connect the dots between your geographical area, your business niche, and your target customers. Directory submissions, particularly when targeted by local geographical area and by niche, can help you improve targeted traffic levels and organic SEO that can lead to sales.

Good luck on building your local online marketing strategy. Hope my tips helped.

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