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The Most Effective Link Building Strategies

You have to go about link building in the right way, however, and to do this it helps to be up to date with the latest search engine formulas for ranking websites. If you want to get the most out of your link building efforts, you should try to get as many one way links as possible. Getting reciprocal links is usually easier than getting one way links, but they aren’t as effective. If you want to reach the top of Google’s (and other search engines’) listings, one of the things you need are one way links. If you are looking for some effective link building methods to use for your own business, the following tips will help you.

Some marketers like to use press releases as a means for one kind of backlink. There are press release sites where you can distribute your releases, and with just one PR you can get hundreds of one way links for your website. At that point your single press release goes out all over the web to yet more sites as PR news. However, for the unfortunate many in IM, the full utility of press releases is not understood or taken advantage of. But few people know that it’s a free method to build one way backlinks that take you a long way.

The actual distributing of your press release is very simple to do, and it basically just involves setting up an account. Taking advantage of the article directories is one of the best ways to get valuable one way links to your site. Google and other search engines see the top article directories as authority sites, making links from the exceptionally valuable. Article directories give you a place beneath your article, called the resource box, to include a link to your site, so every article you publish gives you a backlink. This means that by submitting articles, you would not only get visitors to your site from the directories but will also get good one sided links to your site. This is also content you’ve created, so you can use it to your best advantage.

Discussion forums are another resource for getting links, if you take advantage of the signature file, where you are able to place a link. Join active forums that are relevant to your target market and become an active member by posting and answering questions, sharing information and so forth. As you post regularly, your reputation will grow, and other members will want to take a look at your website to see what you have to offer. What is especially good about this? Forums provide you with both traffic from your target market and quality, links created in an ethical manner.

Before you actually begin your linking campaigns, it might be best to plan ahead and stay organized. That is the number one marketing activity for all search engine marketers.

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