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The Case For Customizing Content

We have to consider every corner and angle when writing quality content. Tons of guidelines to follow and tips to apply. We have to give the best content for our readers. That is the main target of writing, for us to deliver our message to our readers.

Our readers know what kind of writing we can create and share. It can make our work a success or even it can lead to our epic downfall. That is why, every writer aims to provide high quality contents where every reader can find it useful, interesting and bookmarked which really suits their concerns. When I find a content which fills my thirst for knowledge, I bookmark it.

However, we can’t just possibly write any contents for the sake of posting an update in our site and make it known for everyone. We are still not so sure whether it will become viral or not. We don’t know if our readers will consume the content. What we should always keep in mind is to determine who our target readers are so we can write high quality targeted content.

There are significantly different types of persons with status in the community, their level of interest, understanding and lifestyles. It is always best if we know who can relate to kind of writing that we have and so they can understand our point clearly rather than making them all disappointed and bounce out from our work.

What exactly does customizing content mean? For example, we received a PDF “How To Make Money Online” with hundreds of pages, instead of giving it out to our readers in a single document, we can write several versions of it, each one focused towards a different type of readers. Different topics of making money online, there are tons, CPA, PPD, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and the list goes on.

Customizing content is a bit challenging. Not only is it extra work, it requires a deeper understanding of each topic for each type of person that reads our writing. Even the best automated writing or spinning software can only help us so much on this end. Only a few small to medium companies do it, its an extra cost for them. However, this is the best way to simplify into niches or focus for any type of writing for each individual reader.

What about you and your writing work? have you encountered situations where customizing content has proven benefits your readers?

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