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Targeted Email Marketing Works

Email marketing keeps proving its worth.  Email campaigns can grab new opportunities, renew old clients, and have been known to reinvent and revive almost failing industries, products, and services. Email, itself has revolutionized social and business communications world wide, its significant effectiveness and response remain unchallenged, even in 2016.  Digital marketers know that optimizing email campaigns to engage their clients is still one of the strongest and most cost-effective strategies for any business trying to expand their sales and reach. To gracefully achieve the goals, one must know your target market and what they are looking for, providing solution for their problems.

Simply put, email marketing campaigns based on a specific targeted segment.  Effective marketing consists of using every channel, idea, and method to create a buzz, engaging an audience of prospects, resulting in satisfying a real need.  Sending out the right message to the right group is just plain old common sense. Successful email campaigns are not built on hope but on solid facts and wise decisions.

The potential of an email marketing campaign is immeasurable that can:

    • Increase website inbound traffic
    • Bring in new hot leads
    • Renew old clients’ interests
    • Keep your clients updated on your products and services
    • Strengthen client relationships
    • Promote and builds your brand awareness


A well planned and executed campaign produces satisfying results. Building a campaign, must start from the right research and foundation.  Every business needs to know what problem their products are solving, and what service they are providing.  Customers need one question answered at all times, why should I go to you and not your competitor.  Have you answered that question?

Observe and study your competitors closely – know what they are doing. We are in the age of digital marketing.  Social channels are everywhere.  Everyone wants their opinions heard – their voices known. Visit your competitor’s website; see how they position their content and what they are writing about.  Read the responses of their clients and prospects.  Find their Facebook and Twitter pages.  The resources are free and easy to use.  Gather data from enormous global database – filled with free information.  The more you know about your competitors, the better your strategies and sales initiatives will be.

Invest in top-notch designs. We are in age of visual satisfaction.  Not all have the luxury of time to design. Email marketing software and App in 2016 have advance features that helps you achieve your email marketing goals. You can easily create a highly professional e-newsletter or email campaign designed templates with the click of a mouse, personalizing it with your logo, colors, and fonts.  Using pre-optimized templates, will give you the time needed to create your dynamic content and call to action. Try an advance email marketing software that you can try free for a limited time.

Permission-based email. Sending messages to people who have asked to receive them, and they will come.  What is permission-based email?  Your recipients have “opted-in,” to your newsletter, website, or email campaign.  They have requested further information or they want to be on the receiving end of your messages and announcements.  Building on permission means you have an interested audience.  Handle that list intelligently. Plan your email funnels well, do not bombard your list with countless sales and promotions.  No one wants to be marketed constantly.

Demographics and behavioral statistics. Who is your target market?  What they read, what they buy, where they live, and what they do, all culminate into a demo-graphical picture. Build your lists based on research and testing. Too many returned emails can create a signal to your ISP provider as spam.  Make sure your campaigns are going to an targeted and opted-in list.

Tracking your campaigns. Some successful campaigns are built from previous trials.  You need to know if your campaigns are a failure or success. This enables you to modify and improve your campaigns and strategies as they happen, while the campaign is still running.

Using advance email marketing software apps will help you understand:

    • How many emails were opened
    • How many emails were read
    • How many click-throughs on your call to action
    • How many were spammed
    • How many were sent to the junk folder
    • How many subscribed/unsubscribed

With real-time data, you will learn how your audience reacted to your email marketing, which will help you improve your strategies and most of all, the content and structure of your email.



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