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Social Media Marketing That Works

When it comes to social media, either you are a big brand or small business, its a leveled money field. Consistency and quality content fuels the game.

  1. Promote Local – You should as a matter of course promote your business via social media platforms, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Remember to stand out from the big boys and make your messages local. For example as an estate agent, you should not only promote your listings and services, but perhaps more importantly talk about things that your firm has improved locally.
  2. Give customer value – Clearly provide contact details for your business such as web addresses telephone numbers and email. Secondly give your potential customer an incentive to use you; be creative by offering discounts exclusively for social media followers or perhaps a special free gift for your social media events participants.
  3. Be Up To Date – Nothing will turn a potential customer off if you have haven’t posted a blog or updates since the last time they visited. The more successful small businesses update or blog at least 2-3 times a week if not more. Be up to date and engaged.
  4. Be Competitive – Social Media is a significant business tool and it is more than likely your competitors are using it too. Make sure you are ahead of the game. Find out which competitors are using social media massively and what they are doing – how are they growing their audience, how they engage with their prospects. Create a social media marketing plan from it and execute it better.

You must remember to be persistent and patient when developing a social media presence.

Remember social media is about engaging, building and enhancing relationships; it’s not about selling all the time. Think of your social media strategy as if you were communicating with special someone, it’s about being there, helping, listening, building a relationship – both your prospects and customers will thank you for treating them in this way.

Sometimes they say “Thank You”

Most of the time, many will say nothing, some will drop you a social media message, an email or perhaps a phone call, but the greatest achievement is that others will recommend you to friends or businesses and of course the chances are that these happy people will buy from you more regularly.

The mixture of a social media success.

  1. Focus 80% of your social media engagement by helping, advises, information and tips. The other 20% should be sales oriented, such as coupons, promotions and special events.

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