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Google Neutralizes the Impact of Content Farmers on its Search Engine

Google has recently announced its new search engine algorithm update which will alienate the content that is not quality driven; and is aimed at gaining top rankings, on the basis of keyword stuffing. Although, officially it has been said that it is not aimed at Content Farmers; there are enough reasons to believe that Google is fed up with the organizations which use other’s content and stuff keywords to gain top rankings. This is one of the methods used by Google to eliminate Content Farms from their search results page. With the help of this algorithm, users will be able to block those websites which they think are not information savvy. Ultimately; Google will raise a red flag against these organizations and might even eliminate their content from search results page.

Many of you will be wondering: what is content farming? And how does its abolition impact the overall results? We will cover up these details in this article. We will also discuss the reasons to avoid ordering content from content farms. But first of all; let us understand the term “Content Farm”.

The term “Content Farm” is used to describe an organization which utilizes the services of freelance writers to generate content which is merely used to satisfy algorithms to get maximum exposure on search results page. The major problem with content farming is the fact that, in the lure of getting high rankings on search results page, the content deprives of quality. This does not go well with the overall objective of Google; which is to provide relevant results to the queries posted in a very quick time. Many renowned organizations have become ultimate losers because of this change.

Google itself expects the updates to roughly affect 12% of their search results; which is a massive figure. So how will this update affect the results? Let us look at the points given below:

Visualize that you have produced a great content that can be marketed on your website. It can be in the form of an article, blog, video, presentation or any other medium. Another organization likes the content and refurnishes it. They promote their brand through your content after doing minor changes in it. This will not go well with you. But because of immense competition, this thing is happening in recent times. With the abolition of content farming practices, you can highlight your content and promote your brand on search engines without any fear of copyright infringement.
The search results will become more accurate with the eradication of content farming practices. High-quality original content will be ranked at the top of the search results page. So, this is a great chance for your organization to be in the limelight by producing great content and promoting it effectively on Google.

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