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Five Ready Tips to Find the Best Freelance Copywriter

Your business depends on the people who work in it. And when the question is of the freelance copywriter, you better review him before you hire him.

You sure don’t want to waste your money on someone who spells copywriter as ‘coopywritor’.  But trust me, there are a couple of such specimen in the freelance copywriting world, who are disgrace to the word ‘copywriting’. I speak from my personal experience.

So, before you hand him over the contract, it is extremely important to know how much he is worth.

Here are a few tips that should help you choose the best freelance copywriter for your job.

Amount of Education – Well, even though I believe education does not really matter in the profession of copywriting, this is surely an indicator of the person’s level of competence, dedication and persistence. A person who has cleared the Masters program from the Oxbridge university is far superior to me than the one who has passed an obscure English diploma from an invalid university. But this is just one of the criteria that I check. Remember, this is NOT the decider per se.
Level of experience – Oh, this counts a lot. A freelance copywriter needs to have experience for two reasons. Firstly, experience is seriously needed for the job. More the experience, more the competence. At least, that is how the ratio goes. Moreover, many people claim to be a freelance copywriter online. Just for the trust and reliability, a proof of experience, that is, a portfolio seriously helps a lot in the process.
His sample work – Now, after we know his experience, we have to ask for the portfolio. Many people claim they are experts at writing brochures and sales letters, but they have never written even a coupon slogan. That does not work for me. You should have samples of your past work. If you were new copywriter, I would rather look for a free trial with you.
Letters of reference – In other words, if there are testimonials of other important persons about him, it would really say a lot about the writer. Look at his extension of network. How popular is he? What do others have to say about him? A few opinions here and a few opinions there, it is all that we need to create an opinion of ours about the copywriter.
Personality of writer– An interview with the copywriter can really clarify a lot about the person. Sometimes, an interview enlightens a lot more than the resume does. So, at least, one interview is needed before you confirm him the contract.

That should be all. Go and find the best freelance copywriter for you. Just remember, a little bit of compromise and understanding can go a long way in building the sweet relationship between the client and the copywriter.



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