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Facebook Page Auto Reply Feature

Do you own multiple Facebook pages for leisure and business?

Have you activated its auto reply feature when someone leaves a message from your page?

This is a feature that everyone has overlooked, we can be online all day in our Facebook, but there are times we miss some important inquiries.

A conversion study from Kissmetrics explained that prospect and clients feel more confident towards your business if they get a real time response from their inquiries, even if these are auto replies. This tells them that the business is taking time and effort in all channels of communication.

How to setup Facebook page message auto reply?

1. Login and go to your Facebook Page, must be an Admin to initiate this.
2. Go to settings (Top corner-right)

Facebook Page - Auto Reply 1

3. Go to Messaging (left sidebar)

Facebook Page - Auto Reply 2

4. Enable your “Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page”

Facebook Page - Auto Reply 3

5. Hit Change, update your message and save settings.

All images are screenshot of a Facebook Page account.
All images are screenshot of a Facebook Page account.
Leave a good effective auto reply message, make sure to check Facebook page messages when online and reply to all queries.

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