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Increase content reach

Increasing Your Content Reach Effectively

Attending Moz whiteboard Friday sessions will definitely give you more insights and expand your strategy in so many ways.

I find one whiteboard session a credible source for improvements that I changed the way I write content, from just keyword ranking improvement to “Who and Why will people share your content.” Expert content writers might have been using this principle for every article already, but there is more to that.

Now you have published a very kick-ass article of “How to earn $200 a day online.” You are very happy with it and a lot of things are flying in your head on how many likes and share will it get after 24 hours.

Yes! You can get as high as 350 – 1,000 likes and shares on your article within 24 hours. This can be measured by social media share buttons.

For some of my sites, I use sharethis as my sharing plugin. It records how many times the article link has been shared and liked on social medias and directly on page.

I would admit that I keep on refreshing the page to see how many people has read, commented and shared the article. Say you have focused so much on the article and it was really great, in my experience, you article can be worth the read and share but no comments needed or the other way around, lesser shares but flooded with constructive comments.

For our example article titled “How to earn $200 a day online,” we need to increase its content reach.

I have posted the link in my Facebook timeline and I am just getting 5 views and 0 shares? It will triple to thousands after reading this.

Content reach is not a secret, its hard work and effective strategy.

Lets use channels that are free and available for everyone.


No need to create pages. We need groups that are interested in the topic and can engage.
Use Facebook search function base on your keywords to find groups and filter, join as many as you can and engage for 1-2 days. Posting your article link immediately could get you kicked out from the vital group you were just a member of.

Post properly, read group rules and procedures for posting. Include #hashtags and sometimes “Permission to post:” line in your post if unsure, it gives more chance for your post to be approved by group admins. Reply to comments from different groups, engage actively on your group post, thank the people who liked and ask them a question.


Linkedin has more smarter members, but has lesser time to spend. The same strategy to join as many groups as you can related to your interest. There is a limit of groups you can join depending on your join “pending” group status ratio. Cancel groups that takes 3-5 days to approve your application.

Members in Linkedin more likely to read well posted content with a good image and catchy descriptions. Remember these are busy people and they need a good read in a short span of time to move forward to the next article.

I allotted 1 week to join groups in Linkedin, there are groups that are open for members and others needs admin approval. Invest time in joining groups, these are already filtered readers for specific interests converged. There is even a group “Earn money online, work at home Jobs” with 2,595 members which fits our sample topic.

Practice utmost respect when posting and commenting in your groups. Similar with Facebook, post with a description and link, Linkedin will automatically grab thumbnails from your article and choose the best.

Our “Hard working” lad successfully joined 50 groups, what now? Here is the more “Hard work” part.

Prepare a captivating 600 maximum characters description and your link. In Linkedin, click top menu “Interest > Groups”, start posting on appropriate groups. There might be a faster way of posting to all groups, but what I do is “Hard work” redoing post individually to all groups.

At this point, you can start pressing F5 on your article page and see your share counts build up. Yes! Share counts are rising.

We don’t stop with that, we continue with other social media channels.

Twitter. I am a regular simple Twitter user. I just tweet a short description and the link, but I properly place all related #hashtags to not look spammy. Twitter does not have any groups as what I know, I think I am right, but if there is, your comments below is much appreciated, so we use these #hashtags.

How does #hashtags work? Click a #hashtags and you will see tweets with that tag.


Well hosted forums are hived by valuable buying and reading community, forums are channels where each member takes time to read and comment on threads. Be very careful on forums, its easy to join, its easier to be banned. Most forums does not allow promotion postings and too obvious referrals. Be smart, refer your services or products in a subtle way through tips and suggestions.

I have been banned and suspended many times when I started(not so smart back then). Forum needs nurturing and engagement is a must all across your forum groups.

Becoming a senior member or “most trusted” from your forum groups, can generate very high buying traffic to your sites from about 40% of all your direct and referral acquisition.

There are so many other social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr and other paid ones.

What matters here is nurturing what you already have and expanding your resources to increase your content reach.

I have been improving my processes and strategy base on the points above and it has been doing very well.

At work, I create content everyday for our company, it takes 2-3 hours to complete a kick-ass how to article (remember the why and who principle) with text and original infographics(because I love to design and create infographs).

After I am done proof reading on what I have completed, I feel confident about it, then I start the content marketing following these strategy.

Moving to Australia  Learning the Australian Culture

It just took 4 hours to reach 256 shares in all channels I used. Picture me pressing F5 every 5 minutes. Yes too much excitement.

You can do more effective reach combining my recommendations above and your methods, but bottom line is you have improved your content reach by 300%.

I would love to hear other strategies and tips. If you find this article helpful, bookmark it and come with a comment if this worked for you.

Good luck!

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