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Anything about Digital Marketing tickles my creative mind.
Love to plan Digital Marketing strategies customized for every business.
I love to develop your Wordpress Websites too!

Ecommerce Product Releases: December 15, 2017 – Digital Rookies

Here is a list of recent product releases and updates for December, from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on email marketing, same-day delivery, one-click purchasing, e-gifting, sensory branding, and shopping from your car’s dashboard. Got an ecommerce product release? Email releases@practicalecommerce.com. Ecommerce Product Releases Magento Commerce launches one-click instant Purchase checkout. Magento Commerce, the ecommerce …

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Trans People Can Serve in the US Military. Disney Buys Fox (Mostly). Chipotle Woes- The Brief for 12.14.17 – Digital Rookies

Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 12/14/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account). The goal of these posts is that there are trends and ideas here that might impact your business now or soon. Think on the stories here and look for ways to adjust your business accordingly. If ever you’re stuck, get …

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1 Mental Block to a Full Time Blogging Career – Digital Rookies

I was fuming. I remember many years ago. Even though my energy was a bit off – I was doing a wee bit too much from fear, and not enough from the energy of love and fun – I was creating and connecting persistently. I helped people. I was not stuck on getting anything in return from these helping sessions. …

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Community Customer Value Journey | Leverage a Community – Digital Rookies

There’s a HUGE misconception when it comes to leveraging online communities… …but we’ll talk about that in just a second. If you’re looking to leverage community in your business (which you should be), it’s VITAL to understand where your community fits, or will fit, in your overall marketing strategy. As the Lead Community Strategist at DigitalMarketer, I’ve learned how to …

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An Open Letter To Anyone Who Creates Content For 2018 – Digital Rookies

So, the content game is changing. And people are scared. “Help! Facebook changed the algo. What can I do?” “My email open rates are declining and I don’t know what to do” “My website traffic is the lowest it’s ever been. Help!” It hit everyone like a ton of bricks. And you know what? It will get worse. I’ll explain… …

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How to Create Influencer Roundups: Tips and Tools for Bloggers : Social Media Examiner – Digital Rookies

Do you want to improve your influencer outreach for roundup posts? Wondering how to come up with a unique topic idea? In this article, you’ll discover a four-step plan to create effective influencer roundups. How to Create Influencer Roundups: Tips and Tools for Bloggers by Ann Smarty on Social Media Examiner. #1: Plan a Timeline for Your Roundup Timing is …

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Rising CPMs During the Holidays? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic – Digital Rookies

You’re running campaigns as usual. Good ones, campaigns that have succeeded in the past. Some might have even returned best-in-class results. All of a sudden, though, the cost of those same strategies and campaign structures increased in October, and your November numbers are even higher. What gives? It’s important to note that you’re (probably) not doing anything wrong – the …

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