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Anything about Digital Marketing tickles my creative mind. Love to plan Digital Marketing strategies customized for every business. I love to develop your Wordpress Websites too!

You’ve Done Your Research, Now What? Here Are 3 Tips to Successfully Expand into a New Market – Digital Rookies

Small business owners, rarely satisfied with just getting by, typically begin thinking about growth almost as soon as their business is up and running. Unfortunately, many quickly realize “growth” is a lot more complicated than expected. Though daunting, it’s crucial for small business owners to think about what growth means to them and what it would look like for their …

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Facebook details Instant Article subscription program as test launch nears – Digital Rookies

Facebook confirmed earlier this year that it planned to start testing a subscription program for Instant Articles as soon as October. On Thursday, the company said that test will begin “over the next few weeks” and offered details, including how those subscriptions will work and which publishers have signed on to put their articles for Facebook (mobile only) behind a …

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) conquer the competition for shoe retailer – Digital Rookies

In the highly competitive footwear vertical, no season matters more than late summer, when shoppers spend $27 billion on supplies and clothing for the coming school year. According to the Deloitte back-to-school survey for 2017, some 55 percent of that spend, about $15 billion, is devoted to clothing and accessories. Late summer may be only the second-biggest shopping season of …

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Extracting Text in Excel for PPC – Digital Rookies

October 19, 2017 Working with text data is a necessary part of analysis but often overlooked in skill development. This leaves gaps in analysis and adds time and tedium to common tasks.   Your ability to work and manipulate text greatly enhances your workflow and effectiveness. Splitting keyword, ad text, or campaign structure allows you to gain deeper insights and …

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Using Your Proposal as a Sales Tool: 5 Tips for Agencies – Digital Rookies

In boxing gyms, you’ll hear all sorts of expressions: “He’s walking on his heels.” “Hits like a mule.” “Cut the ring.” “Hands up.” “Stay off the ropes.” After a sparring session, you might hear this: “Don’t get greedy.” This last one also applies to your marketing agency. Most agencies we speak with struggle to find new clients. Put another way, …

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Why Contextual Relevance Is Everything, Marketers – Digital Rookies

Back in 2014 my colleague and Forbes contributor Steve Olenski wrote a post entitled The Nine Letter Word Every Marketer Needs To Remember At All Times. The word Steve was referring to was relevance.  Part of what Steve wrote is his not-so-subtle reminder what the word means and it’s relevance to marketers: “In case any marketers and advertisers forgot, the word relevance is …

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A Day in the Life of Sergio Perez of Johnny Rockets – Digital Rookies

In the fourth installment of our new series, #NoTwoDays, we examine the day of fellow marketer Sergio Perez, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for international restaurant franchise Johnny Rockets. Whether he’s meeting with franchise partners, building out a national digital strategy or solving the world’s burger problems, this is a (edited for clarity) day-in-the-life look through the lens of Johnny Rockets’ …

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