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Article Writing – The Best Places to Get Article Ideas

Article Writing 911!

Looking for article ideas that make a buzz or be viral was a major writer’s block for me in the early days. I would set the time I needed to write and rewrite articles, then find that I just did not have any ideas for articles interesting to write. A very common problem for very many article writers, so not to worry.

I found that in my frustration and emptiness, I was able to develop a few simple guidelines that would guarantee that I had and have ideas every time I get ready to write.

1. Anything you think about can be an article.

If you think about redesigning the layout of your landing page, what are you thinking about changing and why, any data and numbers behind it? That can be an informative article useful to a big audience.

If you think about a free journal to send to your subscribers, what are the benefits of it? There is an article.

If you are passionate about your niche, tell everyone why? There is an article.

2. Carry a notebook and pen or a notebook and an apple on it with you.

I love remembering things that I like and find useful, but did you realize that you lose 90% of what you think about after maybe an hour? If you are not in the habit of writing down your thoughts, then everything you are now, is a result of 10% of your ideas. Imagine how successful we would be if we could utilize 100% of everything we ever thought about. Whenever you think of an interesting article idea or title, write it down. When you sit down to write, bring your notes with you.

3. Use the forums.

Whatever your passion is, it probably has a niche forum. Use the forum; either ask people questions, or answer questions, learn from shares or just lurk, it doesn’t matter. The things that people are talking about will give you a great idea for articles to write, maybe quote theirs and write your opinion about it and more importantly, articles that you already have a good idea will get read.

Another good reason to use the forums is that it gives you some very good writing practice. While you are answering peoples questions, you are also in the initial stages of creating an article. Then simply rewrite the whole forum thread series, expound on a few points, and you have a solid article.

4. Go to Quora.

For me, Quora has the best QnA source, you will get writing ideas from questions and quote the answers as your supporting points. Place links to authors or source when needed. There are tons of ideas in Quora, some of my articles are brought up by Quora entries.

There you go, four points with endless possibilities, hope you will go back to this article and leave a comment if this helped you with your writing ideas.

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