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Do I have to buy Premium WordPress Themes?

free wordpress theme

Million of WordPress sites are created yearly and 70% are purchased premium WordPress themes from template developers. For WordPress beginners, you may use free themes from WordPress.org repository – some themes are really good in terms of user-interface and user-experience, though limited features and functions from a robust premium WordPress theme. I have been developing WordPress sites using free and …

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Mailchimp: Get Your Contact List Approved Permanently

How many are using Mailchimp for their newsletter and list building? You have invested time and money in building your list offline and online, organizing it and uploading to Mailchimp, the next thing you know, Mailchimp suspected you of spamming from uploading an unverified list. Usually Mailchimp suspends your account from sending any campaign, mostly 90% of issues like this …

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Facebook Page Auto Reply Feature

Do you own multiple Facebook pages for leisure and business? Have you activated its auto reply feature when someone leaves a message from your page? This is a feature that everyone has overlooked, we can be online all day in our Facebook, but there are times we miss some important inquiries. A conversion study from Kissmetrics explained that prospect and …

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Facebook Custom Tabs Not Showing on Mobile Devices

Running campaigns and events on Facebook are nearly cost-less, but something is missing. Our team last week started a “Sign Up and Win” a voucher campaign on Facebook, the sign-ups will feed our Mailchimp list using MC integration app. However our campaign experienced two major problems. We expected people to sign-up easily thru Facebook App, but the custom tab we …

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7 reduction strategies to seriously improve your content

Why creating more content isn’t always a good thing The growing tendency for people to over-focus on content quantity has resulted in an unfavorable trend leading to an oversaturated market, in which users must wade through a flood of poorly written, unremarkable and mundane content to get to the real, substantive material actually worth reading. Some reports estimate that only one-fourth of all posted content receives any meaningful traction. Results …

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