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13 Budget-Friendly Ways to Encourage Team Bonding – Digital Rookies

Close-knit teams work more effectively and productively together. This is why scheduling regular team bonding activities encourages staff members to get to know their colleagues better while also having a little fun.

For a small business looking to find engaging activities that won’t break the bank, we asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council the following question:

Q. What’s a fun and effective team bonding activity that’s free or budgetfriendly?

1. Group workouts

As an ex-coach and nutritionist, I have not encountered an activity that will bring a team or group closer together than a good, old-fashioned group workout or boot camp. Not something that will make people pass out and hurl, but something that everyone involved can win at, where they’re only competing with themselves. Here weaknesses are easily transformed into strengths. —Jason Criddle, Jason Criddle and Associates

 2. Feedback circles

We recently had a feedback circle with our senior team. Everyone had to provide both positive and constructive feedback to everyone else. We took turns—first, one person would receive feedback from everyone, and then we would switch. The person receiving feedback wasn’t allowed to respond or argue, but just had to listen. It was a free event and an incredible learning experience for all. —Jonathan SteimanPeak Support

3. Naming and branding individual teams

Like a sports team, give office teams a name, and a natural sense of ownership will occur. Have them create their own logos and, if they really get into it, some office swag. My own team did this and it was pretty effective for the business unit as a whole. —Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

4. In-office happy hour

You don’t need to go out to a restaurant or bar for happy hour; you can have happy hour right in your office! Pick up or order some drinks and snacks. End one Friday of the month an hour early, and get everyone to shut off their computers, stop working, and start relaxing. —Duran InciOptimum7

5. Potluck lunches

Potlucks are a really fun way to bring the team together at little to no cost to your company. Everyone loves to eat so most people get really excited about them. I also find that potluck lunches allow people to show off their personal cultures and ethnicity through foods, which allows team members to appreciate each other in a different way. —Brandon StapperCrown Growth

6. Park or beach games

Depending on where you live, there are plenty of games that you can play at a beach or park that provide some great team bonding on a budget. It could be volleyball, disc golf, or other sports that involve a team, followed by a picnic. It’s fun and budgetfriendly. —Angela RuthCalendar

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 7. Volunteering as a team

Spending a few hours at a soup kitchen, gathering toys for needy children, or organizing a community cleanup brings teams together. Employees get the warm feeling of helping others, and it gives your team a chance to get to know each other and work together outside the office. This is not only a great bonding experience for employees, but it shows customers you care about more than the bottom line. —Blair ThomaseMerchantBroker

8. Improv workshops

You don’t have to be an aspiring actor to participate in an improv workshop. Improv is all about spontaneity and can build team bonding by helping employees get out of their comfort zone. There are several improv workshop exercises that you can get online at no cost. It’s fun and forces employees to engage with one another. —Codie SanchezCodieSanchez.com

9. Friendly internal competition

Everyone loves a little competition. We’ve hosted a range of internal competitions to keep things interesting. These competitive, yet friendly activities, include indoor and outdoor games, fund-raisers, mobile app games like “Heads Up,” and more. All are great ways to strengthen both personal and professional relationships, while boosting morale year round. —Stephen UffordTrulioo

10. Coffee walks

Our team loves to step out of the office for a coffee break. We try to do a team walk once a month, when we all go together. It allows us to get some air and chat about non-business life while we treat the team to coffee. It’s simple, but everyone enjoys it. —Colbey PfundLFNT Distribution

11. Monthly game nights

My team recently started holding monthly game nights after work. It’s a great way to not only relax and bond, but you utilize a lot of different skills playing board games. I’ve seen my team work together and also get a little heated and competitive together (all in fun, of course!). Plus, it gets those creative juices flowing. —Ajay YadavRoomi

12. Camping

 We go camping at the beach or mountains with our team. It’s fun, low-cost, and a great bonding experience. We get out in nature and away from the work environment. —Cynthia JohnsonBell + Ivy


13. Employee mentorship

One of the most successful and fun programs we’ve had is our mentorship program. Team members bond across departments with one veteran and one junior employee pairing up and prepping for a pitch off. The program helps us avoid cliques and allows the team to diversify their skill sets. —Grayson LafrenzPower Digital Marketing

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